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Services We Offer

Read about the wide range of services we offer.

We are here to help you. If you have specific support requirements or any alternative ideas for your supports, please get in contact and we will work with you to develop a plan.


- Community access

- Assistance with daily living

- Assistance with self care 


Standard supports include promoting involvement within the community and assistance with the tasks of daily life - in home or out of home.

-Assistance in the workplace / joining the workforce

-Personalised exercise / sports training programmes

-Mental Health Support

Optimize have a team of staff with special skillsets and additional training beyond just support work.

We have resources and avenues to help you within your current workplace or to help you enter the workplace.

We have physiotherapists, sports trainers and mental health first aiders on our team to help implement exercise and sporting programs that are specific to the individual - we support increasing mobility, pursuing sporting endeavors, creating healthy habits, improving overall fitness and wellbeing, and much much more!

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-Short Term Respite

-In home and overnight support

We offer the opportunity to undertake respite in one of our 4 locations! - Albury NSW, Melbourne NSW, Mudgee NSW and Gold Coast QLD.

We also provide overnight care - both active and inactive - and in home care.

-Group Programs

-Social groups

Participate in our frequent group programs. Group programs are develop for specific groups of people, for example, adult males or youth groups, that allow people to come together, develop friendships, improve social skills, engage in the community, and have fun whilst doing it!

We run monthly social group that are thoughtfully designed day events that include fun activities which simultaneously incorporate beneficial skill development, for example, team games that promote collaboration and communication.

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